Sterling Green Community Improvement Association

Assessment Fees

Assessment Fees:

*The Annual Assessment Fee for 2018 did not change.  It is $270.00. A 6% late fee will be added to all accounts not paid by January 31, 2018.  

The economy has affected all of us. However, we must pull together to keep our community safe, clean, and a place where we can all be proud to call home.

Don’t forget you can pre-pay your assessment fee before it becomes due in January of the next year. 

A valid I.D. is required for payments made by checks.  CASH PAYMENTS are not acceptable.

 Assessment Fee Collections:

Remember, a lien is likely to be placed on your property if the assessment fee is not paid when due. Payment plans are available for those who are eligible. Contact the office prior to January 31st for details.

 Where Your Assessment Fee Goes:

The primary purpose of a Homeowner’s Association (HOA) is to manage the Association properly under a direction of a Board of Directors. An HOA is responsible for enforcing Deed Restrictions to enhance and maintain the aesthetics of the subdivision. It provides security and protection for the community. It ensures that each home is maintained at an acceptable standard with comparable values for re-sale. The HOA is also there to assist the Homeowners with their concerns. Below is a breakdown of where your annual fee goes:

            Utilities - $21,000
            Security - $255,000
            Pool Supplies, Repairs - $18,900
            Pool Staff Wages  - $19,082
            Lawn Care and Landscaping - $33,000
            Admin. & Maint. Staff Salaries - $189,300
            Office / Maintenance Supplies - $30,000
            Parties / Events - $1,000
            Office Furn. / Phones / Technology - $5,500
            Repairs--Tennis Courts, Parking Lots, Playgrounds, etc. - 20,500

Miscellaneous - $129,500 includes: Attorney Fees, Property / Vehicle Insurance, Upkeep of Abandoned Properties, Car Maintenance, Special Projects, Financial Consultants, etc.

Transfer Fees/Refinance Fees:

Sales Transfer Fee - $250.00

Refinance Fee - $100.00

Processing Fee for Sale or Refinance - $25.00 for 1st request and $10.00 for each additional request