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NOTE: All exterior repairs/additions to the residence MUST BE APPROVED IN ADVANCE TO WORK BEING DONE.  

Please note that the HOA has THIRTY (30) CALENDAR DAYS from the date of receipt of a completed application in which to respond. (ACC) approval is required for ALL paint color changes and ALL exterior modifications. Exterior Modifications include repairs to fence, installation of new fence, etc.

After approval, if the work is not completed by the completion date, you must come in to the office and sign an ACC Extension Request to complete the work.

A Processing Fee of $25.00 will be charged if an ACC request for improvements is approved and the work is never started or not completed or you do not contact the office within the requested time period.

ACC Modification and Inspection Form Revised on 11-15-17.doc


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Amendment to DCCRs 193-15-0977.pdf

Amendment to DCCRs 113-91-1257.pdf

Amendment to DCCRs Sections 1, 2, 4,8.pdf

Amendment to DCCRs, Section 3.pdf

Amendment to DCCRs, Section 5.pdf

Amendment to DCCRs, Section 6.pdf

Amendment to DCCRs, Section 7.pdf

Amendment to DCCRs, Section 9.pdf

Amendment to DCCRs, Section 10.pdf

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Annexation of Certain Lots in SG, Partial Replat.pdf

Annexation of Certain Lots in SG.PDF



Annexation of Certain Lots, Section 7.pdf


Document Retention Policy (9-7-17).pdf

Payment Plan Policy (9-7-17).pdf

Record Production and Copying Policy (9-7-17).pdf

Guidelines for Display of Certain Religious Items (9-20-17).pdf
Guidelines for Display of Flags (9-20-17).pdf

Guidelines for Rainwater Recovery Systems (9-20-17).pdf

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Guidelines for Solar Energy Devices (9-20-17).pdf

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